About WiggyWam

WiggyWam Is All About Bringing People Together

The online property world doesn’t need another portal! 
Today’s consumers demand more – instant messaging, instant responses and effortless ways to manage their transaction. What the world needs is the UK’s first Property Platform; WiggyWam.

WiggyWam is about connecting people; building relationships through encouraging interactions and engagement, being supportive, and making life easier for consumers whatever their property journey is. Agents serving the house-hunting community want transparency from their portals and a simplified way of processing transactions to reduce the time and stress for all involved. WiggyWam brings you those benefits, plus much, much more…

Welcome to the Property Processing Revolution. WiggyWam. We’re just getting started.

We are perfectly imperfect!

Revolutionising the property industry is a mammoth task! So, please understand this is our beta site and we’re looking for your help to make it amazing – we would love to hear from you with feedback, ideas, suggestions for improvement and indeed any other comments, to help us improve and create a platform that works for You!


WiggyWam - Leading The Property Revolution Together

WiggyWam Features


At the heart of WiggyWam is an innovative portal providing the much-needed convenience today’s consumers demand.
Users can search for their dream property and connect instantly with one or more agents without having to leave the site. Smart agents using WiggyWam receive 100% of their enquiries instantly and without filtering so you can grab those hot leads immediately! We encourage one-to-one engagement and long-term relationship building through the option to list properties via individual agents and to interact with others in the various forums. People buy from people and WiggyWam is all about connecting those looking to buy or rent property with the forward-thinking agents who are part of our platform.


Forums have proven to be one of the most effective ways to find and give support in the online world. With WiggyWam, you can post questions, issues, concerns and indeed anything else 24/7. We actively encourage all WiggyWam members to get involved to support one another in our community.

For agents and other property professionals, our forums are great places to win more business by helping other people and demonstrating your expertise. One comment, video, blog post or share can serve you for many months or even years ahead, so take full advantage and provide great support for other users, safe in the knowledge that it will all come back to you in the fullness of time.


WiggyWam is the first UK industry-wide social media platform for agents and other property related professionals. Agents and professional service providers can showcase videos, podcasts and articles on your own dedicated property industry channel that directly targets UK consumers. More than half the UK use one or more social media platforms and nearly all consumers use portals for property searches. By combining the two technologies we provide all the convenience consumers want: find a property, chat instantly with multiple agents, read their reviews, and view their multi-media content in one place. 


The Tenant Passport eliminates the stress and anxiety tenants often experience when it comes to moving home.
Our quick & easy tenant vetting process allows tenants to share all their application data instantly, allowing agents to cut their admin time by 80%. We do the heavy-lifting, so the agent can quickly complete the transaction and the tenant can move-in.


“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together” – African Proverb

WiggyWam is all about Collaboration. Revolutionising the property industry is a HUGE task and we know we can’t do it alone. So, we’ve created some amazing tools for our community of awesome clients to help bring you more business and to speed up the transactions. We aim to help make moving home a pleasure for all your clients. Can you afford not to be using us? For instance, every property listed for sale on WiggyWam comes with its own private workspace, with each step-by-step milestone required to get the deal over the line. Agents, conveyancers, buyers, sellers and other relevant parties are instantly kept up-to-date with progress, giving high levels of transparency to the transaction whilst reducing the stress of the unknown to help keep the deal together. Plus, lots, lots more! Think we can add more innovative features? We’d love to hear from you.


Rogue landlords and tradespeople prey on the vulnerable, scamming them out of money and more. Our Marketplace provides an industry-wide, socially-vetted, service provider directory that our consumers can trust. We’re also supporting industry regulatory bodies with their enforcement efforts (to help protect consumers) by ensuring only qualified agents and service providers operate through WiggyWam.  Consumers can easily socially rate tradespeople and we provide a ‘direct report’ system so you can immediately alert the relevant regulatory body to any rogue service providers, protecting others from the bad guys! We want ALL regulatory & licencing bodies, and property-related associations to have a strong visible presence on WiggyWam. If you can help us with this mission, we would love to hear from you

Are you a regulatory body or licencing association?

There are 150+ regulatory bodies and licencing associations across the UK that deal with all types of property related service providers. Most consumers are not aware so many exist and generally head to Trading Standards whenever they have an issue. We want to raise awareness of all bodies and associations by providing a comprehensive directory. We also want to make it easy for consumers to report members to (one or more) correct bodies which will be clearly identifiable on their service provider marketplace listings.
Key Benefits
  • Consumers will know who to contact based on the badges displayed on a service provider's Marketplace listing (a business can hold memberships to multiple bodies and licencing associations)
  • Organisations will have a visible (and hopefully active) presence on WiggyWam which will provide reassurance for consumers
  • Organisations will be able to promote their services, news, events, legislation changes etc. on a dedicated industry platform with articles, videos, podcasts, surveys and more
  • Organisations can collaborate towards tackling non-compliance together to save time, money and make the most of limited resources

Becoming a member of WiggyWam
Check to see if your organisation is already listed here and claim it. This option will be available on your organisation's listing details page. Once claimed you will be able to send and receive messages from site users and engage with them and other organisations. If you don't want to be part of WiggyWam that's ok. Just email us to ask to be removed.
If you would like to 'help us support you' in tackling non-compliance by becoming part of our pilot scheme to automatically verify memberships then please get in touch to find out more.

Supporting Community Ideas and Projects

WiggyWam is a company with a social conscience who puts Truth, Trust and Transparency at the heart of everything we do. We are passionate about making a difference - not just for our members but for the communities we all live in.

One of our long term goals is to eventually support community projects - particularly those that improve lives and wellbeing. We are passionate about anything that can help the vulnerable in society (disabled, elderly, homeless etc.) and tackling issues such as lonliness, isolation and mental health. Once we get going, you will be able to submit project ideas to our 'Community Projects' page and WiggyWam members will be able to vote for the project(s) they would like to be supported. Members (if they wish to do so) will also be able to offer their own services and practical support to help initiatives get off the ground.

Our Vision is to use WiggyWam’s global influence and experience to tackle the world’s biggest housing problems.

What do we stand for? Our Core Brand Values are:

Be Trustworthy

To honour our commitments.
Do what we say we will do and if we
make a mistake, own up to it.

Act Revolutionary

Be proud enough to think outside
of the box to make a difference
in the work that we do.

Strive for Efficiency

With fanatical attention to user experience,
consistency of service and becoming the
leader within the PropTech world.

Default to Convenience

Whilst preserving the WiggyWam way.

Show Compassion

Do Great Work in service to others.
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