WiggyWam For Everyone

WiggyWam is the UK’s FIRST fully-interactive property platform. Imagine the power of Facebook merged with a property portal, then add a revolutionary tenant app allowing tenants to check into a property as effortlessly as checking into a hotel.

As if that wasn’t enough, we decided our clients would benefit from a learning centre to help them be at the top of their profession and a service provider marketplace to help find trusted, socially rated tradespeople.

Watch the WiggyWam introduction video:
Check out the Marketplace introduction:

Why Use WiggyWam?

Imagine combining your favourite property portal with leading social media channels, an event management system, social review websites and service provider directories – in a nutshell that's WiggyWam. In today’s data sensitive world we strive to put our clients first by building the foundations of Trust, Truth and Transparency into everything we do. As far as we’re concerned, your data is your data and we don’t lay claim to it in any way.  

Key benefits for our clients:

  1. Use the WiggyWam Tenant Passport App for rapid tenant verification.
  2. Complete your tenant profile to help match you with the right property and/or housemates if you’re looking to share.
  3. Buyers & Sellers receive instant, real-time notifications on the entire housing transaction process through your Property Workspace.
  4. Search our powerful property portal to find your dream home or business premises within minutes
  5. Our Marketplace feature supports you in finding socially rated service providers for any task you require.
  6. Post unlimited service requests and our expert service providers will respond directly to you.
  7. Conveniently book Open House or individual property viewings in a few clicks.
  8. Live chat direct with agents or service providers saving you time.
  9. All your communications with agents and service providers kept in one convenient place.
  10. Stay informed by keeping up to date on the latest property news.

Our goal: to become the UK's No.1 trusted place for property & related services

It’s clear the property industry requires some much-needed change. The government has recently announced their push for greater regulation in the marketplace. To support our clients with the forthcoming challenges, we are:
  • Encouraging all regulatory bodies and associations to have a visible, active presence and profile on WiggyWam so consumers can ask questions, report non-compliance, and find out the latest news, updates and legislation.
  • Encouraging regulatory bodies and associations to work collaboratively with their core common goals to tackle non-compliance.
  • Encouraging regulatory bodies and associations to invite their members to join WiggyWam as professionally verified and trusted service providers.

As a consumer, this increase in industry transparency will provide our clients with the assurances they need when dealing with agents and other property-related service providers. Each professional’s profile page features easily identifiable icons for each association they hold valid memberships with.

Are you a Regulatory Body/ Association? Watch the video:

Think about how you currently find the services you need:

How much time do you spend researching estate agents and other service providers? How many review sites do you use to check out service providers before you use them and do you trust them? How many portals do you use to find property? Where do you go to find service providers such as tradesmen, legal and property professionals? Are the resources you use trustworthy and reliable? Would you like the convenience of doing all these things in one trusted place? If the answer is yes, join WiggyWam today.

What can you do to get the most out of using WiggyWam?

WE ARE STARTING A REVOLUTION: embrace our convenient, more efficient way of finding your next home, an agent to support you and other service providers through a process that's interactive and fun:

  • Download the WiggyWam Tenant Passport App: save money and be ready to rent in minutes.
  • Use WiggyWam to search and filter for commercial and residential properties.
  • Send your enquiries direct to agents and service providers with no middlemen.
  • Talk direct with to agents and service providers live or via discussion groups and forums, all in one place.
  • Stay connected to WiggyWam on all your devices so you don't miss anything.
  • Our custom workspaces keep you up-to-date regarding property transactions right through to handing over the keys!
  • Help others by posting your social ratings and reviews for estate agents and other service providers. Conveniently report rogue landlords and traders to their regulatory bodies in just a few clicks. Find and book key property-related events of interest.
  • Find property-related help, advice and tutorials in the WiggyWam learning centre and review video and podcast libraries via our news sections.
  • Spread the word by sharing our site with family, friends and work colleagues.

Getting Started

Our registration process is quick and easy – just provide the following information to get started:

  • First and last name
  • Username (i.e. 'TimothySmith' or something else)
  • Email (to help keep you uptodate)
  • A cover image (like you have on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn)
  • Your profile picture

Once registered, you can log in and invite your family, friends and contacts to start building your community.

Welcome to the Property Processing Revolution. WiggyWam. We’re just getting started.

Ready to get going?

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