WiggyWam For Service Providers

WiggyWam is the UK’s FIRST fully-interactive property platform. Imagine the power of Facebook merged with a property portal, then add a revolutionary tenant app allowing tenants to check into a property as effortlessly as checking into a hotel.

As if that wasn’t enough, we decided our clients would benefit from a learning centre to help them be at the top of their profession and a service provider marketplace to help find trusted, socially rated tradespeople.

Check out the Marketplace introduction:

Why Use WiggyWam?

Imagine combining your favourite property portal with leading social media channels, an event management system, social review websites and service provider directories – in a nutshell that's WiggyWam. In today’s data sensitive world we strive to put our clients first by building the foundations of Trust, Truth and Transparency into everything we do. As far as we’re concerned, your data is your data and we don’t lay claim to it in any way.

Key benefits for our professional service providers:

  1. Advertise the services you provide within a trusted and connected property platform.
  2. Our cutting-edge features will wow your clients and drive word of mouth referrals like never before. Our property workspaces update all parties efficiently and effectively overcoming frustrations and providing transparent levels of service that your client will find simply amazing.
  3. Our platform supports you in promoting your expertise to the marketplace through articles, blogs and videos which helps you generate more leads for your business.
  4. Social media is here to stay. We’ve turbo-charged your exposure to clients with comprehensive search and filtering options. Clients can also quickly compare providers and build lists of preferred suppliers.
  5. By promoting your knowledge and skills with articles, videos and blogs, you’ll stand out from the crowd and attract new clients.
  6. Our instant marketplace alerts instantly notify you of requests for your services, making lead generation easy.
  7. Our single platform allows you to quickly, easily and efficiently communicate with clients and prospects directly.
  8. We have no hidden or extra charges – and definitely no middleman taking a cut of your profits.
  9. You get to deal direct with people looking for your services – there are no restrictions or lead brokers.
  10. Find and book events of interest across the entire property industry.
  11. Run and manage your own events via the WiggyWam platform: accept bookings and check-in attendees efficiently with our slick WiggyWam Events App.
  12. Build your power teams of your preferred suppliers for quick, easy and efficient communication saving you time and money.

Be the first to hear!

We are currently in soft launch beta mode whilst we test and improve WiggyWam. If you would like to be notified when we fully launch then please send us your email:

How efficient and cost effective is your current marketing?

How much time and money do you currently spend on prospecting and marketing your business? How many social media platforms do you use, if any, and why? Where do you (and your clients) go to find relevant service providers? Do you use review sites for your own business or to check out your competition? If so, do you trust these sites? Do you want to take control of your costs, be more efficient in your work and provide the kind of service today’s modern consumers demand? If the answer is yes, join WiggyWam today.

What can you do to get the most out of using WiggyWam?

DO THE BASICS: just add WiggyWam to you existing platforms/social media channels:

  • Advertise your business and services on our platform and wait for leads to come to you.

BECOME THE MARKET LEADER: Embrace the new way of working all the industry experts are talking about through interacting with clients and prospects by:

  • Building relationships within the WiggyWam community by actively engaging with other members to help create referrals.
  • Show off your knowledge by posting helpful relevant content such as videos, articles and blogs or via comments in the forums.
  • Staying connected with WiggyWam on all your devices - never miss messages or hot lead.
  • Instantly communicate with prospects and close leads quickly using the WiggyWam inbox and live chat features allowing your business to run 24/7, if you want it to.
  • Including the exclusive WiggyWam brand and logo in your marketing materials – help us to help you.
  • Encouraging new prospective clients to join WiggyWam.
  • Our innovative features such as the workspaces will wow your clients as they are instantly and efficiently kept up-to-date on the sales transaction process.
  • Inviting all your staff to join to help create the biggest online directory of people working in the property industry and provide more opportunities to create and share your online content, leading to more leads.
  • Inviting other service providers and partner organisations to join WiggyWam to rapidly build your community and manage relationships in one efficient place.
  • Promote and manage all your events, workshops, courses and seminars via WiggyWam to the community.

Getting Started

Registration with WiggyWam is quick and easy. You’ll need the following information (which is usually found on your website):

  • Your Name
  • Your profile picture
  • User name (we advise a single string like 'TimothySmith' or 'CoastalEstateAgents')
  • Company name, address, telephone number and email.
  • Website URL
  • Company logo
  • A cover image (similar to Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn)
  • Company bio (copy from the About Us page from your website.)
  • Any regulatory bodies & associations your agency is a member of i.e. RICS

Once registered, simply login and send invitations to join WiggyWam to all your contacts to rapidly build your community. 

Welcome to the Property Processing Revolution. WiggyWam. We’re just getting started. 

Ready to get going?

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