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WiggyWam connects people; building relationships through encouraging interactions and engagement.

The UK doesn't need another property portal. Today’s consumers demand more. They want to find their dream property, they want instant communication and effortless ways to manage their transaction. Agents want transparency from portals and a simplified way of processing sales and rental transactions to reduce time and stress for all involved. The WiggyWam property platform provides all of this and so much more…

An innovative, full-service property platform that works for everyone!

WiggyWam Ebook

Deals done within in 10 weeks - Guaranteed!

Agents can get deals across the line faster. Sellers can provide their details and property information upfront. Conveyancing issues and enquiries are raised sooner, search times are faster and (depending on which local authority you are dealing with) WiggyWam guarantees completions in 10 weeks or less!

Property Portal

Users can search, compare and setup notification alerts for property. They can connect instantly with listing agents via direct messaging, live chat or video chat. Agents receive 100% of their enquiries instantly - no filtering of leads by WiggyWam, no middleman sat between them and potential clients.

Service Provider Marketplace

An industry-wide, rated and reviewed business directory where users can search for the service providers they need and filter, compare, create shortlists, favourites and more. All members can post service requests to which agents and other providers can respond. All service providers can setup alerts so they are notified when 'hot leads' come in.

Marketing & Promotion

If 'content is king' then WiggyWam is perfect for showcasing yours direct to a UK audience. By combining portal and social media technology we provide the convenience consumers demand: to find property, chat live with agents and others, read reviews, view the service provider's articles, videos, podcasts and other content in one place.

WiggyWam Tenant Passport

Agents can create an army of ready-to-move tenants in minutes and sign deals on the spot. Time spent on admin/tenant application processing is drastically reduced by up to 70% in some cases. For tenants it is less stressful, a smoother, faster process and they will be able to move in sooner!

Connect & communicate in real time 24/7

For example, all property listed for sale on WiggyWam have their own private workspace so all parties involved in the transaction can collaborate. When milestones and tasks are completed everyone is notified instantly. Less stress for buyers and sellers, less need to email or call agents or solicitors.

Help Forums & Support

Community is all about helping and supporting each other and our forums are a great way to do this. Post public or private support questions 24/7. Get involved in discussions if you know the answer. Internet browsers love the unique content produced by forums which drives free traffic to those posts and ultimately to your WiggyWam business profile.

Full learning centre

If you run courses, workshops or training (to agents or other services providers, or even to educate the public) then why not add those to WiggyWam. You can offer free or paid courses, use all types of multi media in your course presentations, create unlimited course modules, run timed tests and exams and even set modules to release at set dates/times.

Live video conferencing. No download required. Great for virtual viewings, valuations, inspections and more!

Be the first to hear!

We are currently in soft launch beta mode whilst we test and improve WiggyWam. If you would like to be notified when we fully launch then please send us your email:

Supporting Community Ideas and Projects

WiggyWam is a company with a social conscience who puts Truth, Trust and Transparency at the heart of everything we do. We are passionate about making a difference - not just for our members but for the communities we all live in.

One of our long term goals is to eventually support community projects - particularly those that improve lives and wellbeing. We are passionate about anything that can help the vulnerable in society (disabled, elderly, homeless etc.) and tackling issues such as lonliness, isolation and mental health. Once we get going, you will be able to submit project ideas to our 'Community Projects' page and WiggyWam members will be able to vote for the project(s) they would like to be supported. Members (if they wish to do so) will also be able to offer their own services and practical support to help initiatives get off the ground.

Our Vision is to use WiggyWam’s global influence and experience to tackle the world’s biggest housing problems. 

What do we stand for? Our Core Brand Values are:

Be Trustworthy

To honour our commitments. Do what we say we will do and if we make a mistake, own up to it.

Act Revolutionary

Be proud enough to think outside of the box to make a difference in the work that we do.

Strive for Efficiency

With fanatical attention to user experience, consistency of service and becoming the leader within the PropTech world.

Default to Convenience

Whilst preserving the WiggyWam way.


Show Compassion

Do Great Work in service to others.

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