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The Property Revolution is happening…are you being left behind…?

The most exciting innovation in decades is happening right now in the property market… are you a part of it…? Or are your competitors using this against you…?

WiggyWam Ebook

Is it really innovation, or just a load of hype...? See for yourself

A 'laxative' for your pipeline

Conveyancing Concierge Service - go from offer to exchange in just 10 short weeks - guaranteed!

Less restrictions - more visibility

... for your properties, with less work - display your properties on 100+ portals (including Facebook)

360 degree Marketing

Attract new clients: publish articles, video, podcasts and other content in one easy-to-manage place

Unique Insights

Gain unique insights into your clients, customers and competitors using our FREE handy survey builder

Access a full learning centre

Run courses and worksphops? Create and monitise your own online courses in our learning centre and share your expertise with the world!

Powerful tenant passport

Create an army of ready-to-move tenants in minutes and sign deals on the spot!

A profit-centric solution for your business

– provide your clients with ‘no-brainer’ products and services they desperately need

Keep control of your data

We provide the unique property platform with a social media experience, you keep all your data

Power Teams

Quickly build expert & reliable power teams of socially-rated tradespeople

Ultimate communication tool for business

Instant live chat with clients around the world in any language. With forums, groups and even built-in video conferencing – perfect for virtual viewings and more!


And claim your FREE copy of our e-book (How to become the best agent in your area worth £197) along with details of our upcoming webinar: 

"How to add an extra £350 direct to your bottom line AND bank your commission in half the time WITHOUT working longer hours or spending lots of extra time or extra resources"


Grab your FREE guide to becoming the best agent in your area!


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