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Can I share a secret with you?

Be warned though, it’s going to make uncomfortable reading…

It’s a secret I discovered from spending a lifetime in the property world and interviewing literally thousands of agents up and down the country.

But as I say, it’s a tough pill for most agents to swallow, especially if they’re trying to start or grow their business.

So, take a deep breath whilst I share the most important secret with you that your clients and especially your competition don’t want you to know.




Most agents, in our experience, are doing it wrong!


There, I said it. And don’t say I didn’t warn you.


Isn’t this controversial? Well, that depends…


You see, if you’re trying to grow and build up your agency business and you’re finding it really hard, wouldn’t you rather someone shared the truth with you so you could overcome the obstacles you’re currently facing?


But the truth is, those that know this carefully guarded secret won’t share it with you because it could cost them a ton of business and thousands in lost fees.


And what is this closely-guarded secret? And why do I say that most agents are doing it wrong?


Because they lack a fundamental understanding of their prospective client’s position as a seller who hasn’t gone through the process of selling their home in many years. Further, they don’t understand how professional landlords, property developers and investors think. And it’s literally killing your business.


Look- most prospective clients are simply inexperienced in the buying and selling process. As such, those who take the time to educate their clients will do far better. But, most of the conventional wisdom out there about buying and selling property (particularly investment property), is wrong, wrong, wrong. And if you’re an agent giving this advice to your prospective clients, they’re never going to do business with you. Period.


Think about it logically, which is better for your business; running on the hamster wheel to nowhere of offering ‘free valuations’ to clients and ‘playing the numbers game’ to try and win business? Or taking the time to meet the unspoken needs of your clients, thereby positioning yourself as the obvious agent of choice to help sell their home?


Sounds impossible? Think again…


Trust us, in our experience, no-one else is going to be so brutally honest with you and share the secrets and insights in the industry that only a select number of people know. And we’re willing to risk upsetting you a little to help you grow your business. Is that fair…?


Because if you’re not talking the same language as your target market, and you’re not thinking like they think, it’s going to be impossible for you to grow to a level that brings you the lifestyle you’re desperately craving.


And I say this with respect, because I know how hard you work as I’ve been in your shoes. What’s more, I’ve interviewed thousands of estate agents up and down the country so I have some good news for you for reading this far, and it’s this…


If most agents are doing it wrong, then that means your competition is likely doing it wrong too…


And if they are, once you know a few of these closely-guarded secrets, it’s going to be like taking candy from a baby as you steal the most valuable clients away from them, or finally jack your conversion rates up to an unheard of average in your local market.


Doesn’t that sound like fun?


So, you’re probably asking yourself, “Ok Silas, where do I learn these secrets so I can get cracking right away?”


Well I’m glad you asked because you’re in just the right place.


There Is A New Way - A Better Way


You see, after 22 years in the property game, unfortunately I see a lot of estate agents getting it wrong (VERY wrong) and their lack of awareness of the common mistakes they’re making is what costs them dearly.


Our knowledge and experience will help you navigate the process of understanding how nervous prospective clients, landlords and property developers & investors think, so you can make sure the odds are stacked firmly in your favour when it comes to winning their business.


Get this right and your journey to building your business will be far, far easier.


Get this wrong and not only will you endure sleepless nights, but the financial penalties could be severe as your competition strip you of your best clients.


We’re offering to be your guide to assist you through this minefield. BUT only if you take action right now.


We’re offering to show you how to make sure your deals get done in less than half the time it takes most agents!

We’re offering to show you how to give professional developer and investors clients incredible value whilst avoiding your service becoming a commodity which prospective clients so often choose based on fee and fee alone.


We’re offering to show you how to be the number one agent in your town, even if you don’t have the biggest office or the best location.


Most importantly, how you can employ the most closely-guarded secret that helped one agent become not only the fastest growing agents in the country, but it handcuffed his clients to his business for the long term.


Finally, how you can employ all these techniques so you can make a fortune whilst sleeping peacefully at night.


And best of all, it won’t cost you a penny!


BUT, you have to take action right now and grab it whilst it’s still available because its only here for a limited time.


Simply enter your details in the sign-up box above and you’ll get instant access to the video content and a whole bunch of checklists, hints, tips and tricks (most of which you’ve never seen anywhere else) to guide you through your journey.


Why Are We Doing This?


In our experience and having worked with literally thousands and thousands of people like you from all walks of life the length and breadth of the UK, there’s one thing that stands out above all else…


A lack of education can be deadly…


Deadly to your health, deadly to your bank account and deadly to your sanity.


Sounds harsh? Depends on how you look at it.


You see, property is a leveraged asset, which means your client can buy a more expensive property using a loan than they could have bought with the cash you have in the bank. And leverage is risky in the wrong hands. We’ve seen it all;


  • People who overpaid for their property only to end up in negative equity and couldn’t sell…FOR YEARS!
  • Agents who didn’t know how to handle properties in negative equity, so handcuffed their clients to more long-term debt just to get a sale.
  • Investors who bought over 300 properties and were on the edge of losing their home, their business and their portfolio.
  • Agents who have openly encouraged the use of ‘brown paper envelopes filled with cash’ just to sell a property to a client.
  • People who unwittingly bought a money pit using the “modern method of auction” (something we don’t personally recommend), and cost themselves thousands when they had to pull out of the deal.
  • The Italian investor who was losing over £30,000 A MONTH simply from the smallest error repeated over and over and over again.
  • Agents who fail to comprehend the complexities of the conveyancing process (and how it can be simplified for the benefit of all), which makes sales drag on for months, costing their clients time, effort and money.
  • People who picked the wrong lawyer who procrastinated for (nine) months leaving them sick with stress and worry, only to have to threaten to sue them, before ending up in hospital two days later with a ruptured stomach ulcer!
  • Clients who bought next to the wrong neighbours and ended up losing everything! I mean EVERYTHING!
  • The Businessman whose development project was on hold for three years because of a fall-out with the builder, and how we got it back on track immediately through one simple suggestion.
  • Investors who overlooked one critical piece of the puzzle and ended up buying properties they couldn’t legally access (because of a crooked lawyer) which cost them tens of thousands to resolve.
  • Investors who were legally bound to buy a property at auction, only to realise it was formerly concrete construction and the Bank wouldn’t mortgage it.
  • People who bought and renovated their new home, only to miss one small thing meaning they had to rip up the concrete ground floors and start again.
  • The (famous) investor who got involved in a development consortium in Canada, only to end up losing his shirt when the deal went south.
  • The Scottish investor who fell victim to a ‘professional’ rogue tenant who ended up owing him £20,000 in rent whilst trashing his former home (although karma delivered swift justice as on the day of eviction; the bailiff went in through the front door, the tenant fled out of the back door and fell straight into the septic tank!)
  • Landlords who ‘hit on’ their female tenants and encourage swopping sex for rent (true story!)
  • The investor who bought a house at auction that ‘wasn’t there’.
  • Rogue landlords who have gone to jail for manslaughter after renting a death-trap to their tenants.
  • Other rogue landlords who rented immigrants garden sheds for homes and mattresses on floors in squalid garages with ten other occupants.
  • A particularly unsavoury landlord who claimed benefits for a disabled tenant whilst also physically and mentally abusing him.
  • Agents who fail to understand their clients position and kick themselves in the pants when their client takes their business elsewhere.
  • And the horror stories of people taking their own life because they ‘got it wrong’


The list goes on…


We’ve seen it time and time again and frankly, it would be pretty selfish for us not to share this valuable knowledge and information with you which can help you avoid a catalogue of problems, both now and in the future, whilst rapidly building your business in ways you never dreamed possible before.


BUT, in our experience, the list of reliable resources out there are watered-down versions of the truth compiled by academics (or worse, ego-driven maniacs) who have little real-world experience of the property industry and all the pitfalls involved for agents and their clients alike.


We think it’s shocking that when it comes to buying the most expensive asset people will ever own, that there’s such limited and poor-quality information available.


Yet it doesn’t have to be this way.


You can have access to our video library of information, and future updates, completely FREE OF CHARGE.


Information that will forever change the way you see potential clients and instantly help you to talk the language of your chosen target market.


And overwhelmingly, information that has the potential to skyrocket your property business whilst putting more money in your pocket from day one.


BUT ONLY IF you take action right now.


Simply put, we’d like to build goodwill with you. We have a vested interest in working with you because we trust that by providing value, you’ll come back to WiggyWam in the future and become one of our approved agents.


Plus, we may well have some additional resources in the future that you might find helpful J


So, what are you waiting for?


Grab these amazing resources whilst they’re still here and before someone else gets their hands on these incredible insights and steals your dream clients right from under your nose!


Seriously though, this powerful knowledge and information is only available for free for a very limited time, so grab it now whilst you still can, before the opportunity is gone forever.



What Are You Going To Get?


When you enter your name and email into the box above, you’ll get instant access to the following:

  • An incredible library of video content covering every detail from;
    • Finding dream properties (even if they’re not up for sale)
    • Never-before-seen hints and tips to make sure you don’t miss something when you’re viewing (you’ll learn why this is important during the training)
    • Removing all the confusion around the dark art of conveyancing (the legal bit!), and why this overlooked area is essential for agents to understand
    • Negotiating a killer deal for your clients
    • How to get your deal across the line in half the time it currently takes (everyone will tell you it’s not possible – but it is!)
    • How to save your clients thousands in the property buying process
    • Avoiding the uncommon pitfalls most agents don’t even know about that leave them having sleepless nights when the solution is easily within reach
    • Learn the most commonly overlooked point (the world over) in building a property business and how you can help your clients avoid subsidising your tenant’s lifestyle
    • How to use secret technology to massively speed up the buying, selling and renting parts of the process and put more money in your pocket than ever before


  • Must-have checklists to make sure you don’t miss a thing
  • Knowledge and information that’s never-been-seen outside of secret closed-room trainings people have paid tens of thousands to learn
  • Use this secret knowledge to speak your prospective clients language, offer portfolio reviews for landlords, win client trust, and ultimately win their business
  • Plus, we’ll even send you a very special secret bonus which will land in your email inbox shortly after you join.


However, this information is only available for a limited time, so take action now whilst it’s still available.

As Seen In

 Who Is Silas J. Lees?


Silas J. Lees is a 22 year veteran in the property industry with extensive experience across the board covering all angles within the property market. As a fresh-out-of-school youngster who found his true passion as an estate agent, he trained to become a Chartered Building Surveyor to understand the deeper aspects of building pathology and took great joy from project managing multi-million pound developments of new build commercial properties with extensive hands-on experience also coming from converting a barn into his own home.

After reading the bestselling book Rich Dad Poor Dad, Silas went on to build his own residential property portfolio, buying his first buy-to-let in late 2007, around a week before the credit crunch recession began its grip on the world! This didn’t stop him however as he went on to build his portfolio during the worst market the world has ever seen.

He also had the privilege of being invited to teach on behalf of the Rich Dad organisation and worked alongside such household names as Martin Roberts from Homes Under The Hammer and Robbie Fowler, (who most people don’t know is a massive property investor). During this time, Silas trained, coached and mentored literally thousands and thousands of people across the UK, and internationally, to start and grow their own portfolio using timeless tried and tested techniques.

Over the course of 8 years, Silas worked hard to expand his property empire, only to be continually frustrated at the length of time it took for deals to go through and the uncertainty involved in the whole process. This took him on the journey to found WiggyWam; whose ultimate mission is to remove the barriers people face when moving home.

Reflecting on his experience in buying property, Silas recalls the day he changed tactics from buying properties via private treaty, to buying at auction; “The whole process was as different as night versus day. All of the information relating to the property was available up front in the form of the auction pack and exchange of contracts happened on the day of the auction with completion 28 days later! With everyone focussed on the date the purchase had to complete, or face severe consequences, the deal never failed to happen!

“This led to a desire to speed up the conveyancing process by introducing sellers packs into the private treaty marketplace; something which has been well received by those agents who recognise the benefits such an approach will bring, especially in the wake of the pandemic where current log-jams in the conveyancing process mean timescales from offer to exchange are now 20-24 weeks!”

Silas is relishing the challenge of working with forward-thinking tenants who recognise the need for change and who wish to help lead the property revolution together.

Silas is also the author of two popular books; As Safe As Houses and Love Is The New Religion. 

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