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Some results are in. And it's not pretty. Are you paying 10x what Rightmove charge other agents?

Some results are in. And it's not pretty. Are you paying 10x what Rightmove charge other agents?

Are you curious about your competitors? The fees they charge? How much they ACTUALLY pay to the big 3 portals? 

STOP listening to gossip and hearsay!!



Find out what's really going on!

We are running a UK-wide survey capturing these details and are already seeing some VERY interesting results from those agents who have already taken the survey. For example:

  • Did you know that some agents are paying £300 per month for Rightmove, whilst others are paying £5,000? And some pay £100 per month for Zoopla whilst others pay £2,000?
  • And some agents are comfortably charging 1.5%+ fees whilst others are struggling to achieve 1%?
  • UK agents also report that one of the biggest obstacles to innovation in the industry is the lack of collaboration between agents.
  • Plus, most agents are steering clear of the new portal, Boomin.

The full report of insights will be shared exclusively with those agents taking part which we feel will be invaluable for getting the real answers as to how your business stands up against the competition.

If you are not the branch manager, then please forward this link on to them so they don't miss out!

Note: the survey will be closing soon but we'd love to add your insights to the mix (confidentially of course): 

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Tuesday, 19 October 2021
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