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Add Instagram Feeds To Your Wiggywam Profile

Add Instagram Feeds To Your Wiggywam Profile

If you use Instagram to promote your estate agency (or other property related business) then why not display your feeds in your WiggyWam profile too? 

Benefits to agents and other service providers

An Instagram presence can benefit most businesses. For estate agents who deal with lettings it is particularly useful given a large proportion of its members are under 30 and more likely looking for property to rent/share (they are also potential buyers and sellers of the future so building relationships with them early in their journey makes total sense). 

The Wiggywam platform provides convenience for users  a great space to provide a 360 degree view of your business. You can showcase content (i.e. video, images, articles and other posts)t from across your social channels and own website or add it directly. It's not just convenient for you, but also for potential clients who want to get a greater understanding of you/your company without having to pull it all together themselves and/or visit lots of different platforms to do so.  

Adding your Instagram feed to your Wiggywam profile

Before you begin, please login to your Instagram account. Next, visit the following url: http://instagram.pixelunion.net/ to generate an Instagram Access Token. Copy this token and then follow the instructions in the video below to setup your profile feed. It takes no time at all.

You can pause, rewind or fast-forward the video if it doesn't go at a pace you are comfortable with.

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