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Property workspaces: collaborate throughout the sale of a property

Keep buyers and sellers up-to-date Agents, Conveyancers and other parties can collaborate on property sales using the WiggyWam workspaces

One of the biggest frustrations for buyers and sellers (and reportedly why many sales fall through) is due to poor communication between lawyers, lenders and estate agents. 

Buyers and sellers want to be kept informed on progress and be told about delays and any other issues that might slow down the process. WiggyWam property workspaces are setup to encourage communication and collaboration between all parties and provide the much needed transparency that buyers and sellers want.

About The Workspaces

When a property is first listed on WiggyWam a workspace is automatically created under 'Collaboration - Workspaces' and automatically assigned to the seller's agent or branch. An agent will only ever be able to see their own workspaces and they remain invisible to other users unless they have been invited to join. 

Sales Transaction Tasks

The workspace contains a number of features including a 'Tasks' menu link where you will find a generic sales progression task list for both the buyer and seller's side. The workspaces are managed by the seller's agent who can invite the buyer, seller, conveyancers and any other party involved in the sales chain to join. The agent can assign tasks to the relevant parties (i.e. conveyancers) who can then take responsibility for adding due dates and marking their tasks as completed. If the conveyancers choose not to be part of the workspace, the estate agent can still manage the workspace and tick off tasks on behalf of the other parties. Either way, the buyer and seller are kept informed by receiving automatic notifications whenever a task has been added/edited/completed.

The generic tasks can be deleted if they are not applicable. New tasks and milestones can be created and assigned to any workspace member. Tasks can only be edited/deleted/set to completed by the agent or the person it has been assigned to i.e. the conveyancer. The workspaces include additional features such as a timeline and discussion area where members can post questions, answers and also share files.

The following video shows how to invite contacts to your property workspaces and assign tasks to different users. If it goes too quickly for you, just hit the pause button on (each page turn) to read the instructions:

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