Benefits and Features

If you believe in a better way of doing things, greater efficiency in the home-moving process, and less stress for all concerned, you’re going to love being part of the WiggyWam community! Our introductory pricing is only available for a limited time – so jump on board quick and set sail for a brighter future!

Become A WiggyWam Warrior Today

Let’s make property social - connect with homemovers, agents, solicitors, and other property professionals within the UK’s only dedicated, property-centric, social network. Build your following to foster trust – enhancing your reputation among your peers and winning prospects over because you’re now firmly in the esteemed “category of one.”

Unlimited Listings – With No Interference

We don’t restrict the number of property listings you can share on WiggyWam. And we don’t filter your potential leads or sell them to the highest bidder! Every opportunity is available at your fingertips, right within the platform. Simply hook up your CRM data feeds to us and away you go!

Promote & Collaborate

No more drowning in the sea of obscurity when you make WiggyWam your new home – WiggyWam put agents first, not properties! For those serious about becoming the best, our built-in tools empower you to make it as easy as possible. And if you want to build an expert power team to fast-track deals, we’re right by your side.

Empowerment For All

We believe education unleashes human potential and that’s essential if you’re going to deliver customer excellence, help people move home effortlessly, or grow your team so they can execute more effectively. Staff, clients, and property professionals alike will find something for them in our Learning Centre – just one of the many ways we’re committed to raising standards in the property world.


The Future of Estate Agency – Your Personal Brand

The most visible agents are the ones who are winning business - not those who are lost in the sea of obscurity.

Joining WiggyWam plugs you straight into a powerful social network which makes engaging with prospects effortless. What’s more, you can build the brand of YOU all in one centralised place.

So don’t delay, take advantage of the UK’s first “Marketing Trifecta” – with our social networking technology, property portal and service provider marketplace - providing an unbeatable combination to help you stand out from the crowd.

Communicate Effortlessly In Any Language

We believe language should never be a barrier to successful property transactions. That's why our platform includes a live chat tool with a real-time translator. All users can communicate effortlessly with one another in their native tongue - breaking down communication barriers, increasing peace of mind, and building trust from the get-go.

And the benefits don’t stop there - strike whilst the iron is hot with real-time engagement allowing for faster and more efficient access to valuation opportunities or property viewings. The possibilities are endless!


Empowerment For All

Buying and selling a home can be a daunting experience, with agents having to spend many hours reassuring nervous clients who are in the dark about what to do, or what comes next. But it doesn't have to be that way!

Our Learning Centre empowers homeowners by taking them by the hand and guiding them through the whole process – even the technical bits! Not only is this a HUGE value add to your customer service, it frees up a ton of time to let you focus on what matters most – getting the deal across the line and listing more properties!

Plus, you can even add your own courses to our platform, including providing free or paid-for content options – just another little bonus from WiggyWam!

Build Dream Teams for Property Sales & Lettings Success

The right people make life easy – the wrong ones turn it into a nightmare!

You can quickly build teams of people you’d love to work with directly inside WiggyWam. And once the team is on board, it’s easy to communicate, schedule tasks or get things done all in one place.

No more hopping between different software systems or devices and worrying something is going to slip through the cracks – everyone and everything is all together in WiggyWam.


Gather Market Intel

The Information Age has made it harder than ever to determine fact from fiction! But fear not – WiggyWam is here with the solution.

To make gathering market intel as easy as possible, there’s a built-in survey tool you can use to gain insights into your profession, target markets, prospect behaviour or something else. It’s never been easier to create stunning surveys.

Even better, we give you the ultimate freedom by placing no limits on the number of surveys, questions or survey takers! So jump right in and use your unique market intel to win big.

Powerful Live Chat & Video Conferencing

Communicate with other WiggyWam Warriors using the incredible live chat and video conferencing tools. Record videos, run livestream webinars or even create online courses. Join live chatrooms or create your own special  password-protected sanctuaries for your most precious of discussions.

You can live chat with anyone in any language and the messages will be translated in real time. You can even save the conversation if you need it for your file notes!

And to future-proof things, you can even integrate your chat with third-party providers such as Skype or WhatsApp to bridge any communication gaps.


Become An Influencer: Attract Clients With Valuable Insights, Guides And Other Content

There’s never been a better time than right now to take advantage of available technology to spread your reach to as wide an audience as possible. 

And with the never-switch-off online world, you're building up your knowledge bank in the form of blogs, videos, shares, forum posts and answering questions. In doing so you're creating a 24/7/365 marketing machine that effortlessly attracts clients to you whilst you sleep!

Better still, this approach puts you miles ahead of the game as prospects can absorb far more of your personality than they ever can in a short valuation appointment – increasing your chances of winning the instruction as you’re firmly positioned in a category of one.

So there’s only one thing left to do – sign up now to become a WiggyWam Warrior, and take full advantage of everything we have to offer to become the best that you can be.

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