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If my tenants aren’t paying their rent - how can I get my property back?

Pippa is worried about her tenants who are falling behind with their rent and wants to know how best to handle it.

With the changes in legislation and backlogs in the court process, unless someone is an expert in handling the claiming for possession, its likely they’ll face an expensive time in court trying to get possession.

Unfortunately, I’ve seen too many landlords try and go it alone and end up losing in court against tenants who know what they’re doing. So Pippa needs an expert in this process to help bring the right legal claim and get her property back sooner rather than later.

Unfortunately we see this a lot with home buyers and sellers who are unfamiliar with the process and need hand-holding to make the process as smooth as possible. Here I share the best places I know to get some help and support so she can be as safe as possible with buying a home.

And as always - we’re here to help anyone with their buying and selling journey - you can always email us: HappyToHelp@WiggyWam.co.uk and we’ll do our very best to guide you through the whole process.

By the way, you can grab your hot-off-the-press copy of Homebuyers Secrets by visiting our website - www.homebuyerssecrets.co.uk - if you want to arm yourself with never-before-revealed knowledge and information to fast-track your property success.

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