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Immediate Benefits On Joining:

Education, Education, Education

We’ve all heard of location, location, location, but we believe education is more important when it comes to homebuying and selling. We’ve pulled back the veil of mystery on the whole process, and redesigned it to be faster, easier, cheaper, and better than ever before. Access FREE tutorials in our learning centre so you’re better prepared for the moving process.

Ask The Experts

We’re here 24/7 to help you with your moving journey. We know first-hand how stressful, confusing, and uncertain it can be, so we’re here to help every step of the way. From our weekly webinars answering your pertinent property questions, to our video trainings, books, free guides, and online forums, you can get the support you need at the click of a button.

Collaborative Property Workspaces

We remove the anxiety of moving through our innovative collaborative workspaces. No more endless email chains and back-and-forth phone calls trying to remember what someone said who you thought was talking in a foreign language – we’ve replaced it all with “one-click updates” to reassure you that progress is being made, whilst letting you know what stages lie ahead and how to best prepare.

Join Our Profitable Affiliate Program

Get paid when you refer friends and family to WiggyWam. Rather than spend a fortune on TV ads for our platform, we figured we’d rather put that cash in your pocket for helping us spread via word-of-mouth. So whether it’s a buyer, seller, solicitor, agent, tradesperson, mortgage broker, surveyor or anyone else, when they join WiggyWam and buy any of our products or services, you get paid!

Find Expert Trades

We know how difficult it is to find reliable people to help you with your new home or get your existing one ready for sale. Access our marketplace to find the professionals you’re looking for or set up powerful alerts, shortlists, and hotlists tools to do the heavy lifting for you. You can even avoid rouge traders by checking the reviews before you make contact.

Try Before You Buy

Through the power of social media on our site, you get more behind-the-scenes access to property professionals than ever before. Check out their expert content to see who’d you like to work with and who are the right people to help you with your home move. When you know you’re in safe hands, we’ve got all the communication tools you could need to get in touch and start working with them right away.

Connect With Others

We’ve built in a bunch of tools to make communication easier, faster, and cheaper than ever before. Even better, we’ve removed all communication barriers, so you can enjoy live chat conversations with anyone, no matter where they are in the world and no matter what language they speak. And that’s not all – you can call, message, video call and even run or view presentations all in one place. Better still, there’s no annoying filters or frustrating middlemen getting between you and the people you want to connect with.

Find Property For Sale Or Rent

Our property platform lets you look for your dream home using powerful search criteria not available anywhere else. Set up your preferences and let our platform bring you the ideal properties for you. Jump the queue and contact agents immediately through our powerful communication tools. And when you’ve found the right one for you, we can help you get the keys to your dream home faster than anyone else.

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