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Zero-To-Sixty The Thing We All Try To Do.

"Zero-to-sixty. The thing we all try to do -

in books, in art, in music, which is, by the end of page 1, you're emotionally bought-in. You're hooked, you relate to this character, you feel for him, you have empathy. It's a zero-to-sixty emotional buy-in.  That's very rare." - Edward Norton, discussing his role as Lionel, in the film, Motherless Brooklyn.

In every TV series, or film, the first ten minutes are spent creating characters to whom viewers can relate.

Emotional buy-in from the first page?  From the first meeting with the vendor?

That's very rare in books and film. Totally non-existent, though, for estate agency, or realtors.

It's the last thing on the minds of most estate agents.

Preoccupied with delivering the perfected and polished pitch, their focus is on Why Us.

The best agency, of course. With the best people. The best negotiators. The biggest database of registered buyers.

The lowest average days on the market.  The highest percentage of asking price achieved. Better sales progression.

The most knowledgeable local experts. Available 24/7, in some cases.  Not forgetting the best value in town.

After the Why, comes the How.

Property details uploaded to all the major portals. Video tours, social media and digital advertising. What's not to like?

All easily replicated, cutting-edge stuff. From agents that are, by the day, being perceived as a commodity.

Now halfway through the pitch, comes next, probably the valuation. They've been told by the coaches to leave that part for as long as possible. Avoiding judgement by a vendor. Who is keen to secure the highest figure, regardless, for their home.

There's still time to entertain a discussion on the fee, of course.

And then, trial close. Objections to be overcome.

Finally, the close.

Yes? No? I have other agents to see. I'll get back to you?

"Zero-to-sixty emotional buy-in"?

Life in the slow lane, more like.

Vendors see the same pitch from most all agents. No wonder they're apathetic to the charms of an agent.

Here's the problem, though, for most agents.

They haven't got time.

Within that one hour time-frame, there's so much to fit in.

So, here's the solution.

The emotional buy-in has to come before the meeting.

The vendor has to be chasing the agent - not the other way around.

The vendor has first to know who the agent is and whether there is affinity.

There's nothing worse than being 'sold' by a complete stranger.

My advice?

Since as much as 95% of our decisions are based on emotion, is it not wasted effort to try convince a potential client with facts and hard evidence?  Especially when every competitor is doing precisely that? Vendors will choose emotionally, what most feels right and rationalize their decision later with logic.

Although vendors buy on emotion, if you want to influence how a vendor feels about your service, don't just appeal to the emotions, but provide the experience that creates the desired emotion.

You want the vendor to feel inspired?

Provide that experience for them.

To feel secure?

Provide that experience.

One of the best ways to experience any emotion is through story.

Studies have proven that a story activates the region of brain that processes sights, sounds, tastes and movement.

It effectively simulates the experience for the reader.

Transports them into that situation. Where they feel immersed in the events.


It's why flight simulators improve skills far beyond the instruction manual.

You're virtually 'there' - experiencing every sound, sight and movement.

Unless the story is about personal brand, estate agents still need a 'hook' in those stories to gain the attention of potential vendors.

Russell Brunson, in his book, Expert Secrets, shares 5 Curiosity Hooks that get attention:

Little Known, Big Difference.  Something vendors aren't aware of and how knowing it could make all the difference between success and failure. Well Known, Little Understood.  Something that everyone THINKS they know about, but where vendors are sabotaging their success because they're missing little nuances. This changes everything.  Letting your audience know that if they aren't aware of this new approach, they're missing out. Crystal Ball Theory.  How things have been done in the past is about to become obsolete. It will soon become common knowledge, but you have the inside track and early adopter advantage. Revisiting Fundamentals.  Takes the approach that things are getting too complicated or sophisticated and your service, on the other hand, takes things back to basics.

Choose one of the above and make it the core message in your story.

For example, Crystal Ball Theory.

Estate agency for the past decade or so has revolved around portal visibility. The more 'eyeballs' that see your home, the better the chance of selling for a premium price. That's about to become obsolete as off-market properties take centre stage. Vendors, particularly of high end property, want to avoid the preying eyes of neighbors and crooks. They want to form a relationship with a potential buyer and negotiate the sales progression at an appropriate pace.

Craft the message around the emotion of desire and exclusivity. It's for the few - not the many.

Emotion has to be central to every message that realtors and agents put out.

Without it, you're just another estate agent, peddling your wares.  Instead of the agent that can change hearts and minds, before you even meet.

For those, however, with courage to rely on personal brand, emotion comes much easier.

The story is all about YOU.

Your values and beliefs. How they were formed.

Your origin story from Services Veteran to top producing realtor.  From schoolteacher to respected estate agent. From down and out, your road to redemption.  Forget the résumé. I don't want a detailed history of the career changes. I want to know how it felt when down to your last fiver, or the instruction that changed how you now see the world. The times when all the effort made no difference and what then came out of your mouth made it all seem so simple. The friends that helped along the way. Those that you thought would be there for you, but weren't even close.

Stop trying to sell me. I want to be inspired. I want surprise.

I want depth, not width.

I want emotion.

And the sooner I get it from you, the stronger my "zero-to-sixty emotional buy-in."

Then, you don't have to sell.

Then, you're not competing.

I'm hooked.

Before we ever meet!

The 'Why US' and 'How We Do It' are straight out of the window. Don't need to know.

If you've put enough emotion into your story, probably so too the valuation figure.  And the fee.

I'm a vendor chasing you - not the other way around.

Thanks for reading. If you need any advice on personal brand, or story, for estate agents/realtors, happy to help.

Just get in touch.

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