Is Facebook Marketplace safe for finding your next rental property?

Many people have turned to Facebook (and similar) marketplaces to find properties. Mo...

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Don’t Be the Blockbuster Video of Estate Agents

Remember Blockbuster Video? That giant of the 90s that thought streaming was just a fad? Y...

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4 Tips for Attracting More Tenants

Perhaps you manage a rental property or are thinking of investing in one. In that case, it...

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Advice to tenants: If you spot black mould in your rental property, it's dangerous! Here's what you should do next!

If you spot black mould anywhere in the property you are renting then inform your landlord...

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How To Get Ahead in a Stamp Duty Fuelled Market – Secrets to a Successful Transaction

WiggyWam, the all-in-one property platform, has launched a unique consumer-facing educatio...

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Government Guidance On Your Rights And Responsibilities As A Tenant

You have certain rights and responsibilities if you're a tenant in privately rented proper...

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