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Collaboration, Communication, Education and Community: Speed Up Property Transactions and Grow Your Business!


When it comes to property sales, the significance of collaboration and communication cannot be overstated. Unfortunately, all too often, home buyers, sellers, agents, and solicitors experience frustrating delays and misunderstandings due to a lack of effective communication between parties. Recognising this challenge, we at WiggyWam have developed a centralised communication platform that brings together all stakeholders involved in the property sales process. Not only does it streamline communication, but WiggyWam also offers a comprehensive ecosystem to enhance marketing efforts, educate, attract clients, and foster professional growth!

The Pain of Inadequate Communication

Buyers and sellers invest considerable time, money, and emotion into property transactions. However, when agents and solicitors fail to communicate with each other or with their clients, this can result in a myriad of problems. Delays in paperwork, misunderstandings, and missed opportunities for negotiations are just a few examples. The lack of centralised communication often leads to frustration, anxiety, and a loss of confidence in the process.

The Need for Centralised Communication

We address these challenges by providing a centralised platform that connects all parties involved in a property sale. With its Property Workspaces, users can communicate, share files, and access relevant information in one place. This eliminates the need for multiple communication channels, reducing the likelihood of miscommunication and confusion. By bringing everyone together, WiggyWam streamlines the property sales process, ensuring transparency, efficiency, and a smoother experience for all involved.

Enhancing Marketing Efforts

Beyond solving the communication problem, WiggyWam offers a range of tools to empower property professionals. The platform provides access to a property portal where estate agents can market their properties. Through a marketplace and inbuilt social network, estate agents, solicitors, tradespeople and other professionals can also promote their business, receive ratings and reviews and engage with potential clients. 

By employing the attraction model, WiggyWam encourages professionals to create valuable content, participate in forums, offer support, join discussions, and comment on posts - attracting clients through expertise, differentiation, engagement and most important, relationship building.


WiggyWam also recognises the importance of continuous learning and growth within the property industry and for home movers. Its invaluable learning center allows all types of users to access a wealth of educational resources. There are tutorials for estate agents, also for homebuyers and sellers that cover the entire buying and selling process from finding the right property, the conveyancing process, who does what and when. This alone is an invaluable resource for both estate agents and solicitors as provides the much needed education homemovers need and all you have to do is point your clients to the WiggyWam learning centre! No more lengthy phone calls and emails explaining the processes like you've done a million times before!

Estate agents and other professionals can also contribute their own courses or benefit from those posted by others, expanding their knowledge and skill sets. By fostering a culture of learning and improvement, WiggyWam enables individuals to stay ahead in an ever-evolving market.

Education doesn't stop there! In addition to articles and downloadable guides, there are also a number of published books available from Amazon to support Estate Agents and also one specifically for home buyers and sellers. We produce a weekly webinar: Get Your Property Questions Answered which covers a whole range of topics for homemovers, estate agents, solicitors, trades and other professionals. 

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The Sense of Community and Belonging: The Future of Property Platforms

In addition to its remarkable communication and marketing features, WiggyWam recognises the transformative power of community and belonging within the property industry. Traditional property platforms often lack a social-centric approach, but WiggyWam is changing the game by fostering a sense of community and offering multiple opportunities for clients to engage with businesses.

We understand that property professionals and clients thrive when they have a sense of belonging and connection. Through its inbuilt social network and marketplace, WiggyWam facilitates interactions between industry experts, potential buyers, sellers, tenants and more. This vibrant community becomes a hub where individuals can exchange ideas, share experiences, and build valuable connections.

Engagement on Multiple Levels

Our social-centric approach offers clients and businesses various avenues to engage with each other. Professionals can showcase their expertise by creating valuable content, posting in forums, and participating in discussions. Clients, on the other hand, have the opportunity to seek advice, ask questions, and receive support from industry professionals. This dynamic interaction cultivates trust, establishes credibility, and encourages meaningful relationships to form.

Building Trust and Confidence

The power of community within a property platform lies in its ability to build trust and instill confidence. By engaging with businesses on a personal level, clients can get to know the professionals they are working with, fostering a stronger connection and increasing their confidence in the property transaction. Trust is the foundation of successful partnerships, and our social-centric approach strengthens this vital element. Remember: if people know, like and trust you they are more likely to do business with you. WiggyWam provides all the tools you need to build this trust.

Expanding Networking Opportunities

We recognise that networking is a key driver of success in the property industry. By providing a central platform where professionals can connect and engage with each other and potential clients, the platform opens doors to new business opportunities. Networking becomes more accessible and efficient, enabling professionals to expand their reach, collaborate on projects, and form mutually beneficial partnerships. 

Members can join national and local geographical groups, or join specific groups on topics of interest. Local groups allow estate agents, solicitors, trades and other professionals to come together to promote local events and offers and discuss what matters to them in their community. This also makes it easier for potential clients to get to know businesses local to them.

The Future of Property Platforms

The future of property platforms lies in their ability to create thriving communities and offer social-centric experiences. WiggyWam's innovative approach not only addresses the communication and marketing challenges but also embraces the human aspect of the industry. By fostering a sense of community and belonging, WiggyWam creates an environment where professionals and clients can come together, share knowledge, support each other, and forge meaningful relationships.

A Collaborative Approach To Ongoing Development Of WiggyWam 

We believe collaboration goes beyond just facilitating property transactions. It extends to the platform's development itself. Members are invited to actively engage in discussions, share their experiences, and propose innovative ideas to enhance the user experience. By fostering this collaborative approach, we ensure that the platform remains dynamic and responsive to the changing demands of its users. 

We value the opinions and suggestions of our members, as they are the ones who truly understand the challenges and opportunities within the property industry. By actively listening to users' voices, we can tailor its features, tools, and services to meet their specific requirements. This commitment to user feedback establishes a strong sense of ownership and belonging among members.


In terms of property sales, collaboration, communication and education are paramount for success. WiggyWam's centralised communication platform revolutionises the way stakeholders interact, ensuring smooth and efficient transactions. By consolidating communication channels, it minimises the frustrations experienced by buyers, sellers, agents, and solicitors. Moreover, WiggyWam's comprehensive ecosystem extends beyond communication, empowering professionals to enhance their marketing efforts, attract clients, and engage in continuous professional development. 

Through open communication, transparency, active listening, and an unwavering commitment to user feedback, together we can create a space our members want, need love. With WiggyWam, the future of the property industry is truly in the hands of its users. 

We'd love to hear your experience, thoughts and insights on this. Please post in the comments section below.

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