How Conveyancers and Estate Agents can speed up property transactions

Communication, Collaboration, Trust and Transparency are what's needed to speed up home moving

AND slash time-sucking administration AND MAKE MORE MONEY without having to invest a fortu...

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For anybody who's recently been exploring the incredible power of artificial intelligence,...

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Collaboration, Communication, Education and Community: Speed Up Property Transactions and Grow Your Business!

When it comes to property sales, the significance of collaboration and communication canno...

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What do taxi metres and law firms have in common?

Don't worry, this is not some kind of bad joke, but a question worthy of serious considera...

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Is centralised communication between buyers, sellers, estate agents, solicitors and other professionals key to speeding up property transactions?

Connecting Homemovers, Estate Agents and Conveyancers on Property Transactions

It would certainly help! Ask any buyer or seller what their biggest headache is/was w...

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Estate Agents: Let's Stop Talking About Collaboration, Let's Just Do It!

The real estate industry and legal profession have long been plagued by a lack of collabor...

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Veya’s use of HM Land Registry data to speed up property transactions

Veya was a participant in the Geovation Accelerator Programme in 2019 – a programme which provides g...

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How to overcome the fear of using Social Media - for Estate Agents and other property industry professionals

It seems there's hardly a day that goes by without some industry expert bestowing the virt...

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Does Up-Front Information Really Help Home Sales To Move More Quickly?

I recently had the misfortune of reading a blog post from a member of the M.S.P. brigade (...

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HELP! It’s taking forever to exchange contracts on our dream property. Is there anything we can do to speed things up?

Why is it taking so long to buy a home?

This was a question from an anxious buyer whose offer was accepted 2 months earlier. ...

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The Top Twenty Most Valuable Questions To Ask Yourself When Considering Switching Jobs in Conveyancing

After the chaos in the property market over the last few years, and the significant pressu...

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Why A.I. won't save the property industry...

Artificial Intelligence and it's use in property conveyancing

Whilst I was away in India recently, something strange happened to me... I made a phone ca...

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Easy Choices – A Conveyancing Can Of Worms.

There's me thinking that estate agency has enough problems of its own - conveyancing is in...

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