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Don’t Think Twice – It’s Alright.

Don't think Twice - It's Alright.

The legendary singer/songwriter that is Bob Dylan and a closing line that sums up the current broken mess that is estate agency sales.

"You just kinda wasted my precious time, but don't think twice it's alright."

In all sincerity, the homeowners invited the estate agency round to appraise their property. Maybe it was the allure of the ubiquitous Free Marketing Appraisal? Maybe the agency's brand awareness? Maybe the social media approval? Maybe the presence of multiple For Sale Boards around town?

Whatever the reason, it certainly wasn't because of the agent's Personal Brand.

If it had been, there would have been no wasted time for the vendor or the agency.

The vendor would have known before they met that this was the agency for them. The shared values, the transparency, the honesty and the comfort in knowing they had the best-fit agent.

Instead what the vendors got was an hour-long pitch from a stranger. Telling them everything they needed to know, but nothing of what they wanted to know.

How many similar homes the agency had sold. The percentage of the asking price achieved. The market share. The awards. The extensive branch network. The database of eager buyers. The Marketing strategy. The appraisal price, the incredible value-vomit fee and, just for good measure, a contract to sign. Right here, on the dotted line.  Or at the very least, a request to call in a couple of days to see if they can be of service.

A vendor cautiously considering everything they have been told. An estate agent hoping that the pitch was enough to convince & convert.

What a waste of precious time!!

The First Thing We Look For in Estate Agents.

The first thing is an emotional connection. Do we like the person? Do we like what they say and could we work together?

Perhaps that's why certain estate agency 'trainers' encourage their clients to be "charming"?

Yep, charming!  That will hide all sorts of flaws.

"I was raised to be charming, not sincere."  - Stephen Sondheim.

Estate agency is full of easy promises and "charmers" with all the charisma of a garden gnome.

A respected estate agency commentator who reminds his audience that most agencies "only eat what they kill." The hunter and the hunted. A practice that leads to bottom-of-the-barrel interruption marketing and manipulation of the worst kind.

An estate agency sector ranked bottom-three on the Veracity Index of Trusted Professions. Alongside those pillars of society; journalists & politicians.

The first thing we look for in estate agents isn't on show.


If you can't convince them, confuse them appears to be the strategy.

No clue as to what this agency values. The culture, the team, the story.

All carefully hidden, to give way to that ubiquitous selling point - Expertise.

Local Property Experts. Hustling their way through life, providing information that is readily available but often out-dated. Telling anyone that will listen how informed/experienced they are.

Focusing on logic and data because they lack the courage to be interesting of themselves.

A poor vendor can do nothing but compare.

Problem is, most vendors aren't qualified to compare competence in an estate agency - so they don't.

They look first for emotional reasons to choose and then justify their decision.

But, it's a mistake to believe that homeowners know all the facts before their decision.

One thing, though, is for certain.

If there is a comparison, it never ends well for either side.

Especially in a commodity marketplace.

That's why the market valuation and the fee has become so entrenched in a consumer's mind - there is nothing else worth considering.


When an agent discovers the benefits of a Personal Brand, a few things happen.

Firstly, instead of them chasing the potential client, the roles are reversed.  The agent does the choosing.

The fee often isn't up for discussion. More than you'd like to pay, but less than we'd like to charge.

The question of valuation and marketing strategy aren't in doubt. This is an agent that is trusted to deliver on their promises.

For much of the meeting, the conversation centres on time.

How long it will take to bring the property to market with outstanding marketing. How long from it being listed to having viewings? How long for qualified offers? How long to progress an agreed offer to completion.

Time that is valuable to both parties.

Precious time that can't be wasted.

Don't think twice, it's alright.

If the agent has a Personal Brand.

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