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The Magic ‘P’ Word?

The Magic 'P' Word?

It all started when listening to a Russell Brunson podcast, not about the Magic 'P' Word, but about The Magic B Word

Full disclosure here, I like Russell Brunson.  I hugely admire that he has built a multi-million dollar business without "cheating, or by relying on other people's money".   I love his enthusiasm and his generosity of spirit. I love his work ethic and his family values. Creative and informed, an all-round thoroughly decent human being.

So when he started explaining his definition of The B Word, I was all ears.

"I want you to understand this because in my belief, in my understanding, is that this thing, if you understand this, if you execute on this B word, it will give you the ability to have success in anything you do in life. Okay? If you don't, it'll guarantee you fail at anything in life. The B word that I want to talk about is simple.  It's the word belief......"

Russell then went on to explain that with his coaching/mentoring programs, there were those that were "all-in" and those that were skeptical. "They're looking for the problem the entire time.  And as they start looking for the problem, guess what they always end up finding? The problem, the reason why they cannot be successful.  Despite the fact that hundreds or thousands of people around them are having success."

He then went on to illustrate the point with reference to his wrestling days.  Believing explicitly in what his coach had said, regardless of any doubts. And "guess what, I became a better wrestler."

Let me interject at this point and point out that most coaches can make you 'better' short-term. The issue is whether they can make you better long-term and whether their methodology is a good fit for your mental attitude and behavioral style.

As a former P.G.A golf professional, I've coached golfers from beginner level up to Tour winner. What works for one doesn't work for another. A complete novice might sign up with a coach and advance to the next level, but that's as far as that coach can take them. That same novice might sign up with a different coach and advance more quickly to a much higher level. Having the coach claim that "hundreds or thousands of people around them are having success" doesn't stack up. There has to be more transparency if relying on results as a barometer of their method.

To illustrate the point for realtors/estate agents, let's take the self-proclaimed #1 training company, Keller Williams.

The "largest real estate company in the world."

At the moment.

"Meet the Megas.  Every day, top-tier agents are turning heads as they make the move to Keller Williams. Here's a look at a few who are proud to call KW home."

Success story, after success story.  But here's the thing.

Keller Williams don't tell you of the failures.  Of the droves of agents leaving KW to join rivals eXp and others.  Because KW systems and culture wasn't right for them.

"To those that think of quitting, what you need to do is to make the touches (such an impersonal description of a relationship, don't you think?) strategic and systemised. You want to take all the thinking out of it - systems, systems, systems."  KW.

Perfect for those content, that others do their thinking for them.

That's why it's right to be skeptical, if there's no transparency.  If it's all polished and perfect in the world.

Much the same as with religion.

Where you are encouraged not to think for yourself. Where all you have to do to get instant approval is to agree.

Agree to follow the system.  Believe and you will be saved.

So, my point is that BELIEF, the B Word, does NOT "give you the ability to have success in anything you do in life."

Belief in any system that does not guarantee results is flawed.

And worse, any system whether it be real estate or Click Funnels that does not provide full transparency is asking to attract skeptics. Faith is not the antidote for doubt. Transparency ticks that box!

Which brings me to the 'P Word'.

And here, in total transparency, I can tell you that it works for everyone.

It will give you the ability to have everything you need in life/career.

It will bring realtors and agents better clients.  Clients that will pay them more. Clients that will be loyal and not even entertain siren voices from competing brokerages.

But it comes at a price.

That price is vulnerability. To have some not like how you think. Not like what you have to say.

To drop the need of being everything to everybody.

The Magic 'P' Word will turn you into a micro-celebrity. Have vendors chasing you, instead of you chasing them.

You will attract better agents to your brokerage. Them, safe in the knowledge that you will do whatever it is that you say.  That your having their interests at heart isn't just a glib phrase from some hired copywriter.


The Magic 'P' Word?


Def: The aspect of someone's character that is presented to or perceived by others.  - Oxford Languages.

Personal branding, it's not!

Not if you confuse personal branding with reputation.  Or imagine it stems only from more likes and shares on social media.  That's not Persona.

It's an authentic representation of who you really are - warts & all.  A deep dive, not superficial floss to lure business your way.

If that's really who you are, behind the mask that we all wear to overcome our fears, then be proud of that. You are choosing to define yourself in a very specific way and for that you will be applauded. Those who fake it, on the other hand, are consigned to a life of endless comparison. Win some, lose a few.  Rinse and repeat.

That's no way to live a life or have a career as a real estate agent.

" A lot of people will tell you a lot of stuff you must do to make it.  Strangely, a lot of things will only be possible once you hand over money to them. " Andy Maslen, Copywriter.

The magic 'P' Word, though, comes free and with a guarantee.  The guarantee that it will never stay the same.

Core character values may remain indurate. But beliefs and convictions evolve.

There is no system. No "if you copy what others have done, you will achieve the same result."

Persona doesn't need anyone to create it. You already have it, if you look deep enough.

But one thing is for certain.

People will recognize authenticity when they see it.

It may not be for them.

And you can't 'sell' them on it if it's not for them.

But for those who it is for, those who are a great fit, there's no need to 'sell.

They're already 'sold'.

They know, like and trust you.

Even though you are an estate agent!

Blind faith works for some. And I'm sure there are many that sign up to Click Funnels, based simply on Russell's enthusiasm and persona. The "dabblers" though, as Russell refers to those who aren't immediately converted, are worth engaging.

He's not a big fan - I am!

I love "dabblers".

I love their questions. I love the doubt.  I might uncover something that I had not previously considered. I might find that we're not a good fit.

I have all the time in the world to explain myself.

If their doubt turns to positive and they do decide sharing their persona is right for them, I can help.

But I'm just as happy for them to go it alone. I have nothing to 'sell'.

Those are the sort that stay. Rather than scaling big and coping with the churn.

That's the not-so-subtle difference between Russell and myself.

He needs you to believe in the system.  I need you to believe in yourself.

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