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Engagement At The Altar.

Personal Branding

Two strangers hoping that they find affinity. Hoping that the 'marriage' lasts longer than the 'ceremony'.

That's the bleak reality facing many homeowners when they come to sell their home.

Not so much a courtship as a marriage of convenience, one of them has been around-the-block a few times. The other is uninformed, inexperienced, vulnerable and hopeful.

I give it a month.

One that needs to get 'married', to move on with their life - the other that simply wants to get 'married'. Multiple times.

It didn't have to be that way.

The vendor could have taken longer to get to know the agency. Instead of falling for that over-used pick-up-line:

"Do you want to know how much your home is worth - call now for a FREE valuation."

The smooth talking, the easy promises and the opportunity of more money swung it. Until the harsh reality of life set in.

The problem is there's no saying the mistake won't be repeated.

It's a waste of time for the estate agency and for the hapless vendor.

There is a solution, of course, but one that involves sacrifice.

The estate agency needs more transparency. The vendor needs to trust character rather than competence.

Easier said than done, but unless it's a relationship, it hardly ever ends well.

Transactions are still at the heart of estate agency work. As a consequence, all a #realtor has to do is to state and prove their worth.

"We sell more homes, more quickly, for more money and for a lower fee than any other agency."

Problem is, they can, and often do, say anything and the homeowner is none the wiser. There are those agents that believe what they are saying and those that, shall we say, are economical with the truth.

Every agent trying to be 'better than' the next. Most trying to convince & convert in the space of one hour.

That's why the profession of real estate agent ranks bottom-three in the Veracity Index of most trusted professions and isn't about to change anytime soon.

The solution I referred to earlier that requires transparency?


Transparency, with a touch of vulnerability, portrays authenticity.

It doesn't have to be forced.

If you're an incredibly dynamic, hard-negotiating realtor, say so.

If you're kind and persuasive, say that.

If you're meticulous about the detail and cautious, say that.

Just don't say you're hugely experienced, knowledgeable and "passionate about selling homes" - everyone else is saying that!

Become known in your community for ONE thing - the agent that can be trusted because they are authentic. The bar is set low.

Personal Brand will deliver an audience that believes what you believe - that finds affinity in WHO you are.

You're not chasing MORE 'leads' - you're attracting 'better' clients that will listen to your advice and pay you what you're worth. Best of all, they won'r compare your agency to every other.

I've written previously about the misconceptions around Personal Brand.

"What people say about you when you're not in the room" is the most common misconception.

I believe that quote refers to reputation, not Personal Brand.

Personal Brand is what YOU say about yourself. Not what others say.

Simply put, it is greater transparency. Not greater visibility.

Of course, it takes courage. To appeal to a smaller, well-defined audience.

But the alternative is to compete in a 'rat-race' where the winner is still a 'rat'.

Take time before you get to the 'altar'.

When you do, you will find only ONE person waiting there - the best fit. They have already discarded the mediocre middle and the serial ceremony crashers. They weren't invited to the 'reception', either.

Personal Brand starts with a small step - working out what you value.

For me, it's curiosity, kindness, integrity, candour, congruence.

From those values come my thoughts and from those thoughts my actions and then results.

If you're ready to take that first step, let me know.

I will send you a comprehensive list of core values. Whittle them down to five and then decide why those five core values matter most to you. That's the foundation for building your personal brand.

Having people know WHO you are. Then comes engagement - from the right sort of client.

If you want me to write your Personal Brand Bio, we need a brief chat to get to know each other better.

Then, it's going to cost you £100 ($120) to find out if this is really the road you need to be going down.

Or, Not! 

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