The Magic ‘P’ Word?

The Magic 'P' Word? It all started when listening to a Russell Brunson podcast, not about the Magic ...

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Benchmark Your Estate Agency With The Movers & Shakers Survey 2020

At WiggyWam, we're on a mission to move the UK property industry forward. One of the ways ...

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30 Ways To Promote Your Estate Agency

Competition can be fierce for agents (and businesses generally) so the more you can do to ...

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Guide To Property Sourcing & Project Management

Einstein once famously said, "The definition of insanity is to keep doing the same thing, ...

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Guide To Becoming The Best Agent In Your Area

This guide has been compiled from years of experience in various sectors of the property i...

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The First Thing We Look For in Estate Agents.

The First Thing We look For in Estate Agents. "it's the first thing I look for in you and the last t...

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Estate Agents Don’t Need A Personal Brand, If…

Estate Agents Don't Need A Personal Brand, If... ...they want to fit in, rather than stand out. To b...

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Personal Brand Isn’t This.

Personal Brand Isn't This. This? The podcast episode from Micheal Moore, featuring Robert De Niro. A...

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State And Prove Your Worth.

State and prove your worth. That's seems the only requirement, these days, for estate agents and rea...

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Zero-To-Sixty The Thing We All Try To Do.

"Zero-to-sixty. The thing we all try to do - in books, in art, in music, which is, by the end of pag...

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The Impertinences of an Egocentric Lightweight

The Impertinences of an egocentric lightweight. Here's a good one. "Estate agents are lazy." A self-...

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Narrow The Gaze From A Wide Vista…

Narrow the gaze from a wide the distance between our eyes. There's a common fallacy aroun...

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They Follow Blindly, Even If……..

"They follow blindly, even if..... even if they are badly led." Eddie Jones, outspoken England R.F.U...

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Crystal Ball Theory – Estate Agency.

Crystal Ball Theory - Estate Agency. Here's what I see: How estate agency marketing has operated for...

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Less Traveled – It Makes All The Difference.

Less traveled - it makes all the difference. A poem by Robert Frost, of course, The Road Not Taken. ...

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Cruel To Be Kind.

I've Gotta Be Cruel to be kind. Because? Because there's epidemic failure, right now, throughout the...

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Snowflake? Me? Are Your Serious?

  "You are not special.  You are not a beautiful and unique snowflake."  -  Fight Club by Chuck Pala...

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Hello, Is it Me You’re Looking For?

Hello, is it me you're looking for? You've seen our leaflet?  What did you think? Oh, that's a shame...

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The Menu Decides The Choice.

The menu decides the choice. A common expression amongst magicians. Who only provide the options tha...

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Post-Truth Estate Agency.

Post-truth estate agency? This, gets to the heart of it. A malaise gripping not just estate agency, ...

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