How our new data strategy will support the UK economy

How our property data supports the UK economy Our data is a national asset and a crucial part of ach...

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PropTech sector wants to help deliver Housing and Planning ambitions

Screenshot of attendees at the PropTech Roundtable In the summer the DLUHC Digital Planning team hel...

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Unlocking automation for HM Land Registry

In a recent blog, Angie Clarkson explored how automation will transform our services. While the majo...

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Making our services more efficient

At the end of August, we published our Strategy 2022+ and our three-year Business Plan. Alongside a ...

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4 Tips for Attracting More Tenants

Perhaps you manage a rental property or are thinking of investing in one. In that case, it...

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Hero, Villain and Guide.

"The Home-Seller is the Hero" headlined a Facebook post by the Sage of Grantham, aka my go...

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The Gift That Keeps On Giving

I don't have much difficulty coming up with content ideas for my blog, just a lack of time...

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Estate Agency – Play A Different Game

"I hate losing" said one respected West London estate agent last week, several times, in a...

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The Cold Hard Truth of Logic. I'm a sucker for reading anything claiming to be "Pretty Radical Stuff...

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What’s The Worst That Could Happen?

"What's The Worst That Could Happen?" A Facebook post by London wanna-be 'trainer' and recruitment d...

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Why Is The Property Market So Vanilla?

Interesting way to describe the UK housing market, right...? Vanilla... It conjures u...

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The Elephant In The Room.

The Elephant In The Room. Let's talk about it. "If you always do what you've always done, you'll alw...

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“I Respectfully Disagree.” – Good, I thought!

"I respectfully disagree." - Good, I thought. From a connection on LinkedIn when I had messaged her ...

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Knock, Knock. Who’s There?

Knock knock, who's there? I've spent the past hour or so amusing myself by winding up some of my Fac...

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The Future is Coming – Be A Part Of It.

The Future is coming - be a part of it. I know your'e not really surprised by this, but most estate ...

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The Power Of Personal Branding.

The Power of Personal Branding. There's so much confusion as to what personal branding even means. S...

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Fast Not Slow - Small, Not Big. "The world is changing very fast. Big will not beat small anymore. I...

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Oh Dear, I’ve Been Censored.

Oh Dear,I've Been Censored. Not for the first time, admittedly, but such is the risk when challengin...

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5 top tips to keep your property safe

Ivan Kruk/ Combating fraud is a key priority for us at HM Land Registry. Over the pa...

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When Money Speaks, The Truth Is Silent.

When Money Speaks, The Truth Is Silent. A Russian proverb, brought to mind when reading an email "Se...

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