The Top Twenty Most Valuable Questions To Ask Yourself When Considering Switching Jobs in Conveyancing

After the chaos in the property market over the last few years, and the significant pressu...

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The most important lessons you can learn from watching the movie (documentary) 'The Matrix'

For those of you who don't know me well, I have a confession to make. My favourite film of...

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Why I choose to pay my mechanic MORE

I'm about to share something with you that I never share outside of my closest circles – I...

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What Is The Number One Fear of Property Buyers?

Buying a new home is a huge decision, so it's not uncommon for many buyers to have some le...

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Is there any guidance for buyers and sellers on the home moving process in the UK that goes deeper than ticklists?

We are regularly asked questions about the home buying and selling process from frustrated...

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Avoid The Goldilocks Trap.

Received wisdom for homeowners looking to instruct an estate agency/realtor is to invite t...

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DLUHC continues to support Local Planning Authorities to scale the adoption of digital citizen engagement tools

The PropTech Engagement Fund continues to build on its success as we launch the next round of fundin...

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Using legal software to submit digital applications 

Andrey Suslov/ As of 30 November this year, applications into HM Land Registry are ‘...

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Easy Choices – A Conveyancing Can Of Worms.

There's me thinking that estate agency has enough problems of its own - conveyancing is in...

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HELP! It’s taking forever to exchange contracts on our dream property. Is there anything we can do to speed things up?

This was a question from an anxious buyer whose offer was accepted 2 months earlier. ...

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Why A.I. won't save the property industry...

Whilst I was away in India recently, something strange happened to me... I made a phone ca...

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The HM Land Registry portal redesign

Since it was launched in 2009, our customer portal has become the front door into HM Land Registry f...

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Working in user-centred design at HM Land Registry

Why user-centred design is so important HM Land Registry records ownership changes for every registe...

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Facebook – A Point Of No Return.

My third ever blog, August 2018, was headed "Facebook - An Omnipotent & Devious Priest...

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 "You've-got-to-get-yourself-together. You're stuck in a moment and now you can't get...

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Protecting your property from fraud: Form LL – the ‘counter-fraud’ restriction

  A restriction in the property title register limits the owner’s ability to deal with the property....

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The Balance Of Power For Estate Agency.

The Balance of Power for Estate Agency - where it should be weighted?Enter heading here......

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We’re Not On Comparison Sites.

The strapline for Direct Line Insurance, probably the most recognised UK Insurance brand. ...

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How our new data strategy will support the UK economy

How our property data supports the UK economy Our data is a national asset and a crucial part of ach...

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