Redefining Estate Agency Culture: Creating an A-Player Environment for Success

Hey there, fellow WiggyWam Warriors! Grab your caffeinated beverage of choice and get comf...

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Bridging the Communication Gap: The Secret Weapon All Top Estate Agents Are Using!

Are you tired of feeling like a leaf in a hurricane when it comes to communication in your...

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All Aboard for Property Investors: Your Estate Agency's Hidden Goldmine

Ahoy estate agent friends! Time to strap on your life vests again and get ready for a...

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For anybody who's recently been exploring the incredible power of artificial intelligence,...

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Serving Smiles: How to Make Your Clients Love You More Than Their Morning Coffee!

Now, I know it seems like an almost impossible feat, making your estate agency clients lov...

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Bear Markets Rarely Schedule Appointments

For anyone familiar with Dan Peña's work, you'll know he uses this phrase a lot as a cauti...

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Lost in Cyberspace? Plot Your Course Back to Visibility in the Era of Property Portals

Hey there, digital traveller! Feel like you're wandering aimlessly through the vast w...

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The Blind Leading The Blind

Somewhat late to the party, I recently saw a post by a supposed industry "expert" wonderin...

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Local Market Mastery: How To Become The Alpha Agent In Your Area!

Alright, professional estate agents - buckle up and get ready! Today we're embarking on a ...

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Why do agents give up so much control of their business?

One of the most disturbing trends I've seen in estate agency in recent times is a belief t...

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Estate Agents Wanted To Join Trial To Speed Up Property Transactions By Getting Buyers To Pay For Searches Upfront

In a recent trial 200 buyers were asked to pay for their searches at the point of sale. Th...

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Invest in the Best: Why Paying Top Dollar for High-Quality Staff Elevates Your Agency

Alright, estate agents, let's get real for a moment. You want your agency to be the crème ...

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What do taxi metres and law firms have in common?

Don't worry, this is not some kind of bad joke, but a question worthy of serious considera...

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Collaboration, Communication, Education and Community: Speed Up Property Transactions and Grow Your Business!

When it comes to property sales, the significance of collaboration and communication canno...

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Don't Be a Dinosaur: Why Every Estate Agent Needs WiggyWam to Survive the Communication Meteor!

Hey there, esteemed member of the estate agency realm! Ready to take a mini-trip through t...

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Estate Agents: Let's Stop Talking About Collaboration, Let's Just Do It!

The real estate industry and legal profession have long been plagued by a lack of collabor...

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Charting New Courses: How To Boost Your Estate Agency's Bottom Line

Ahoy there, estate agent friends! Got your sea legs ready? Because we're about to set sail...

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See-Through Success: Boosting Your Estate Agency's Trust Factor with Radical Transparency!

Let me ask you a question, my friend. When was the last time you heard a joke about a trus...

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Digital Alchemy: Transforming Your Estate Agency with the Midas Touch of SEO!

Imagine, if you will, a world where your estate agency is the equivalent of the guy who wa...

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The Changing Face of the UK Property Market

In this blog post, I thought I'd focus on where I think the UK property market will be hea...

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