Digital applications will be game-changing – for you and us

The pandemic has changed the way we work over the past 20 months, especially in the use of technolog...

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EXCLUSIVE - Everything Homebuyers Need To Know About Finding, Buying and Selling Property.

Most people move on average every 15 - 20 years so its no surprise that whe...

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Protect your land and property from fraud

There has been a lot in the news lately about property being stolen and sold on without th...

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The Rat Race That Is Better Than.

The Rat Race That Is 'Better Than'. The pot-stirring personality from Grantham, aka my good friend C...

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Adding Value? Not This Way!

Adding Value? Not This Way! A video on LinkedIn from ex-estate agency trainer, John Murray on how ag...

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Simplifying conveyancing: making our digital channels easier to use

Maridav/ Our absolute priority at HM Land Registry is to make our services faster fo...

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Digital applications – making the future a reality 

Crane Hall and the Chantry near Ipswich was the first title registered in 1863 by its owner the MP S...

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Selling Confusion in Solihull.

Selling confusion in Solihull. A door-to-door leaflet dropped through my letterbox last night. "Have...

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How our training offer is supporting local government with day-to-day working

It’s been seven months since we launched an online library of training courses to support our local ...

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A Home Seller’s Guide to COVID-19

In a perfect world, we'd all be able to sell our homes at the absolute perfect moment. Unf...

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Automation in land registration

Over the last 18 months we have introduced electronic signatures in land registration and published ...

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How to Run a Profitable House Flipping Business as a Senior

Being a senior having prior experience in buying property and managing finances gives you ...

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It’s Hard To Watch This Happen.

It's Hard To Watch This Happen. Sunday Times Rugby  correspondent, Stuart Barnes, commenting on the ...

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More Money Than Sense.

More Money Than Sense. It's been quite a while. Since I last put virtual 'pen to paper'.  Been so bu...

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Time-saving tips to speed up your planning applications

OoddySmile Studio/ We know that delays cause frustrations for everyone. In order to ...

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In-form-ed consent

The story: You’ve been working for months on a deal that required the cooperation of the seller’s ex...

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Key qualities modern consumers are looking for in estate agents - what are they?

Even before the pandemic, the estate agency sector was evolving considerably as a younger ...

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How To Get Ahead in a Stamp Duty Fuelled Market – Secrets to a Successful Transaction

WiggyWam, the all-in-one property platform, has launched a unique consumer-facing educatio...

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How Not To Write Your Website Bio.

How not to write your website bio. Whether it's a bio, or an About Us Page, it's the most viewed pag...

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Everything In The Garden Smelling Of Roses.

Everything in the garden, smelling of roses. The insular view that all is well within the estate age...

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