Are Agents or Conveyancers to Blame? Industry-Wide Survey Aims to Identify Why the Property Process Is Stuck in a Rut

Who Is To Blame? Agents or Conveyancers?

It is widely agreed that completing the purchase of a home takes far too long, an issue wh...

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“In Your Moments of Decision”

"In Your Moments of Decision, your destiny is shaped" - Tony Robbins. It is something that I have al...

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“Nobody Gets 100%, Chris.”

"Nobody gets 100%, Chris." A response from a good friend and client to my suggestion that if #estate...

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Engagement At The Altar.

Two strangers hoping that they find affinity. Hoping that the 'marriage' lasts longer than...

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Who Are You? Someone With Low Self-Esteem?

Who are you? Someone with low self-esteem? "Nobody cares about you, or your #estateagency....

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The Secret To Personal Brand.

Whether it's love at first sight, or something that grows over time, when we know more abo...

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How Might You Make Me Feel?

Here's your big opportunity - someone that doesn't know you but might, just might, be in n...

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A Home Seller’s Guide to COVID-19

In a perfect world, we'd all be able to sell our homes at the absolute perfect moment. Unf...

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Avoid The Goldilocks Trap.

Received wisdom for homeowners looking to instruct an estate agency/realtor is to invite t...

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Easy Choices – A Conveyancing Can Of Worms.

There's me thinking that estate agency has enough problems of its own - conveyancing is in...

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Facebook – A Point Of No Return.

My third ever blog, August 2018, was headed "Facebook - An Omnipotent & Devious Priest...

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 "You've-got-to-get-yourself-together. You're stuck in a moment and now you can't get...

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Key qualities modern consumers are looking for in estate agents - what are they?

Even before the pandemic, the estate agency sector was evolving considerably as a younger ...

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The Balance Of Power For Estate Agency.

The Balance of Power for Estate Agency - where it should be weighted?Enter heading here......

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We’re Not On Comparison Sites.

Think outside the box

The strapline for Direct Line Insurance, probably the most recognised UK Insurance brand. ...

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How to Run a Profitable House Flipping Business as a Senior

Image Source: Pexels (

Being a senior having prior experience in buying property and managing finances gives you ...

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Hero, Villain and Guide.

"The Home-Seller is the Hero" headlined a Facebook post by the Sage of Grantham, aka my go...

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The Elephant In The Room.

The Elephant In The Room. Let's talk about it. "If you always do what you've always done, you'll alw...

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What’s The Worst That Could Happen?

"What's The Worst That Could Happen?" A Facebook post by London wanna-be 'trainer' and recruitment d...

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The Lost Art Of Asking Better Questions.

The Lost Art of Asking Better Questions. Part 1.The Russell Quirk Story on Property Industry Eye. Q....

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The Cold Hard Truth of Logic. I'm a sucker for reading anything claiming to be "Pretty Radical Stuff...

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Avoid “The Better Than” Trap.

Avoid The "Better Than" Trap. Realtors/Estate Agencies routinely fall into this trap. In fact, they ...

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When Money Speaks, The Truth Is Silent.

When Money Speaks, The Truth Is Silent. A Russian proverb, brought to mind when reading an email "Se...

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The Rat Race That Is Better Than.

The Rat Race That Is 'Better Than'. The pot-stirring personality from Grantham, aka my good friend C...

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Adding Value? Not This Way!

Adding Value? Not This Way! A video on LinkedIn from ex-estate agency trainer, John Murray on how ag...

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Selling Confusion in Solihull.

Selling confusion in Solihull. A door-to-door leaflet dropped through my letterbox last night. "Have...

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Estate Agency – Play A Different Game

Playing a different game

"I hate losing" said one respected West London estate agent last week, several times, in a...

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It’s Hard To Watch This Happen.

It's Hard To Watch This Happen. Sunday Times Rugby  correspondent, Stuart Barnes, commenting on the ...

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Oh Dear, I’ve Been Censored.

Oh Dear,I've Been Censored. Not for the first time, admittedly, but such is the risk when challengin...

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The Magic ‘P’ Word?

The Magic 'P' Word? It all started when listening to a Russell Brunson podcast, not about the Magic ...

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